CEO Welcome

On behalf of Kedren Community Health and Acute Psychiatric Hospital, it is my pleasure to welcome patients, clients, personnel, funders, and academic affiliates.

We are an evolving healthcare system that is embracing best practices and innovative approaches to enhance the quality of lives for the children, youth, adults, and families of South Los Angeles.   We invite prospective patients to make Kedren your healthcare home.  We encourage healthcare professionals to consider employment with Kedren.  We are committed to elevating our standards of care through consumer engagement and stakeholder participation.   As we bare witness to emerging pandemics, economic insecurities, political realities, and civic engagement, our community needs and deserves a healthcare organization that is committed to serving its patients throughout every national disaster, disease epidemic, or urban catastrophe.  Kedren is here for you and remains a beacon of help, hope, and health.

Respectfully Yours,

Yolanda Whittington
LCSW Chief Executive Officer