Forensic Health Programs


Program summary:

AB-109 provides treatment to a specific population of men and women, who have been incarcerated and suffering from various forms of mental illness. Patients are referred to Kedren’s AB-109 Program, from a Los Angeles County DMH HUB. Patients are assessed for mental health needs at the HUB and given a referral to an agency that would best accommodate their needs. Kedren provides patients with a high-level of care through a multi-disciplinary treatment team.

Program Enrollment Eligibility:

Individuals who have been incarcerated and also have a comorbid mental illness. Further, patients must be referred directly by the Department of Mental Health to Kedren and must also meet medical necessity diagnostics and impairment criteria.

Program Services:

AB-109 clients receive services from a multidisciplinary team, including a psychiatrist, therapist, and case manager. Clients will be provided individual and/or group counseling services, in addition to linkage to resources for rehabilitation, housing, employment, educational, and health. Clients are assisted in various processes related to their rehabilitation and reintegration with therapists and case managers who engage with them in community settings.