Intensive Services

Full Service Partnership (FSP)

Program summary:

Adult FSP – Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs are designed for adults ages 26-59 who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and would benefit from an intensive service program. The foundation of Full Service Partnerships is doing “whatever it takes” to help individuals on their path to recovery and wellness. Full Service Partnerships embrace client driven services and supports with each client choosing services based on individual needs. Unique to FSP programs are a low staff to client ratio, a 24/7 crisis availability and a team approach that is a partnership between mental health staff and consumers.

Program Enrollment Eligibility:

Adults ages 26-59 years old with a serious mental illness that is or has experienced the following within the last year: Homelessness,  In jail or has frequent contact with the criminal justice system, Frequent admissions to psychiatric hospitals or receiving psychiatric emergency services, Living with family members and at risk of any of the above circumstances.

Program Services:

Adult FSP programs assist with housing, employment and education in addition to providing mental health services and integrated treatment for individuals who have a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder. Services can be provided to individuals in their homes, the community and other locations. Peer and caregiver support groups are available. Embedded in Full Service Partnerships is a commitment to deliver services in ways that are culturally and linguistically competent and appropriate. Together, the consumer and treatment team determine the type and frequency of services provided based on the client’s recovery goals.  Because services provided are unique to each individual consumer, not all persons will require all of the services listed.