Executive Board Members

John Griffith, PhD

Dr. Griffith attended school in England, graduating from the University of Sheffield, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and completing his Ph.D. at the esteemed University of London’s Institute of Psychiatry. He began his career at Kedren in 1981, serving as the Chief Operating Officer-Mental Health Services, until 2002, when he became the President/CEO.

During his tenure with the agency, there have been many changes in the landscape of the community, and the myriad of needs to its residents. Dr. Griffith has presided over Kedren providing a continuum of health services, primarily to residents in Service Area 6.

As part of our evolutionary process, in 2013, Dr. Griffith was instrumental in Kedren launching its Primary Care Clinic, a designated Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA).

Dr. Griffith is embarking on developing collaborative partnerships with primary care health providers, physicians, pediatricians, dietitians, and other practitioners, to offer educational, wellness and recovery services. This endeavor is part of Kedren’s mission to provide medical, and behavioral health services to underserved and uninsured persons in South Los Angeles.
Through Dr. Griffith’s continuing leadership in July 2018, Kedren and Charles Drew University embarked upon an academic and community health collaboration with the students enrolled in their Graduate Medical Education program. These students are part of Charles Drew’s Residency Program and consistent with Kedren’s mission to serve under-served urban communities.

Dr. Griffiths’ ongoing plans for the growth and development of Kedren include integrating programs that focus on early intervention and prevention, serving children from birth to older adults, with a strengths-based, family-focused model to enrich the lives of those we serve, planting the seeds of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth, and overall wellness.